Our Case Studies

Heres just a handful of the recent deals we have put together for our clients.

The Jennings Brothers

The owners of a factory and public house in Wigan. They approached WonderLoan, as they had two particular challenges. 1. They had an urgent VAT bill to pay for £175,000. 2. They wanted to purchase a second factory. They had a combined valuation across the 3 sites of £1,6M. They had total debt of £475,000 and they had a total requirement of £875,000. We were able to take a cross charge across the 3 freehold sites and were able to complete the deal in under 3 weeks.

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Mr Wimott

A second time around developer and approached WonderLoan with this deal. He already owned the brownfield site, in East Sussex, formerly there had been a brewery, however, the site was now clear and he’d obtained planning for 48 3 bed houses and 9 under the section 106 for affordable housing. Day one valuation £2.3M. Build cost £4.2M. Total GDV £24M. We advance 100% of build cost.

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Mr Khan

Mr Khan from Peckham, South London, owned a portfolio of 26 houses, with half being HMO’s. Combined valuation, £7.28M. Total debt across 6 lenders £2.4M. We structured a single charge for £5M, giving Mr Khan a simple one monthly payment and enough capital to build on his portfolio.

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Mr Khan

BTL Completion May 2021

The attention to detail from Andrew was second to none. He was always available to take a call and answer questions. He made the entire process seamless.

Mr and Mrs Roland

Auction Purchase June 2021

We found a fantastic property at auction and needed to move fast. The team at Wonder Loan were fantastic, we had terms agreed within the day of getting in touch and completed within 9 days!

Mr Adams

Hotel Refinance March 2021

I took a bridge out last year which was coming to its end of term. I needed to refinance to make some repairs to the hotel, we completed within 3 weeks and the hotel is now on the market ready for sale. Thank you Andrew.

Ms Rodriguez


I found a property I needed to move fast one. Once again I spoke with the team at Wonder Loan who had terms issued within an hour and the property was in mine by the end of the month.