Key Features

Developments from £25,000-£50,000,000

Terms from
1 month to 5 years

upfront fees

from 0.45%

Why take out
development finance

Why tie up cash for the duration of your project? Why should the scope of your development be constrained by the limits of your available capital? Why wait for one project to complete before pursuing another opportunity? There are many reasons to opt for a development loan, not least of all that the actual return on investment rate (ROI) will be higher the less cash you lay down. Yes, the cost of the finance will come out of the profits BUT the rate of return on the capital you invested will actually be higher. It’s a no brainer!


How Wonder Loan Can Help

Does your development project need funding fast? Do you fear the choice between right product and the quickest result? At Wonder Loan you will never have to make that choice. Whether this is your debut project or you are seasoned developer, our highly skilled finance professionals will work tirelessly to find the perfect solution for your needs and will be by your side every step of the way from the very first enquiry. We work with an extensive and varied lender panel so as to cater to your specific requirement whether or not you have adverse credit. Welcome to Wonder Loan – Your. Development. Funded.


Development Finance Process

Application Submit

Agreement in Principal


Funds Drawdown


Our Case Studies

Below are a few case studies from some development finance completions.

Mr Wimott

Mr Wimott, was a second time around developer and approached WonderLoan with this deal. He already owned the brownfield site, in East Sussex, formerly there had been a brewery, however, the site was now clear and he’d obtained planning for 48 3 bed houses and 9 under the section 106 for affordable housing. Day one valuation £2.3M. Build cost £4.2M. Total GDV £24M. We advance 100% of build cost. Deal completed within 6 weeks.

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Mr Wright

Mr Wright from Chichester, West Sussex, owned a Brownfield site, day one valuation £475k He had planning for 48 3 bed homes, 8 section 106, affordable housing. Total build cost £6.2M. We funded 100% of scheme. GDV £26.4M.

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FAQs for Development Finance

Yes, but the advance will be limited to 50% LTV.

We can advance 100%.


Typically you’ll need to Introduce between 25-30% of the purchase price.

We can fund 100% of any VAT.

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